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For those who want a profession in quality testing, the Six Sigma Green Belt question bank is for you. With the Six Sigma Green Belt exam, you can test yourself on concepts covered in quality testing like using Minitab for statistical analysis. People who need to learn methodically can take this test multiple times and will benefit from these lean six sigma green belt exam questions and answers. This six sigma green belt test can be tried numerous times and is free of cost. Go ahead, give this exam a go today!

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1. This is a FREE test and can be attempted multiple times. But it is recommended to take the test when you are ready for best practice experience.

2. Test Duration: 180 Minutes

3. Number of questions: 100 Multiple Choice Questions

4. Each question has multiple options out of which one or more may be correct

5. You can pause the test in between and you are allowed to re-take the test later. Your test will resume from where you left, but the test time will be reduced by the amount of time you've taken in the previous attempt.

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1. What is the key benefit of multi-vari charting?
2. Deciding to collect sample from a population is often:
3. A Six Sigma project had a lot of improvement measures suggested on training people, setting standardized job instructions, getting surveys done from employees, and so on. Who would be the focused audience for whom this project was aimed at?
4. Cause and Effect Diagram when used with 5 WHY helps you in understanding the root cause of the problem. In doing so, what does the Six Sigma team wish to know?
5. Which of the below mentioned tools is considered best to inform employees of their work roles, in terms of ease of understanding and implementation?
6. In embracing Six Sigma, what has been the principal motivating factor from the point of view of upper management ?
7. The purpose of "rolled throughput yield" in Six Sigma would NOT be to:
8. A company making rubber tires is evaluated on 5 opportunities per product; in 1000 products manufactured in a month if 100 defects are observed, the Rolled Throughput Yield is:
9. What is Lean philosophy?
10. When samples are drawn out of a population randomly, what is said to be true?
11. Which of the following tools is most commonly used in the define phase of a project?
12. Which of these is considered a technique to collect data or comments from customers?
13. Which of the following cannot be considered as an acceptable reason for deploying a Six Sigma DMAIC project?
14. Sum Square of Error is equal to:
15. The p value for Moods Median test is .02 and the level of significane is set at .05, what decision is made?
16. What type of waste would the following scenario potentially cause? A clothing manufacturing is producing more items than what the customer has ordered.
17. Which of the following variations are identified in control charts?
18. Which of the following tools helps in visualizing series of causes to an effect?
19. Which of the following statistical tests should be used by the Green Belt for testing the means between two inter-related groups?
20. Standard Deviation in Six Sigma applications is referred to as difference from the:
21. In a typical DFSS Approach, which of these stages figures in most DFSS approaches?
22. Which of the following pairs is the most useful in preparing control charts, when used together, for variables data?
23. Which of the following activities is NOT non value-added?
24. Repetition helps the Six Sigma team in determining:
25. Identify the most accurate method for quantifying gage repeatability and reproducibility.
26. Which of these tools / techniques represent "continuous improvement"?
27. A Six Sigma project can reduce:
28. Why would Six Sigma activities prompt a re-analysis of measuring systems?
29. Japanese 5S methodology is created and used for:
30. What does OEE stands for?
31. The house of quality is used to translate customer wants into engineering design variables. The linking or prioritization of customer wants into engineered values occurs in which of the following elements?
32. What is the name of the condition if you are running a 7-4 fractional experiment? You know factors A, B, C, D, and E are independent of each other, but you suspect factors F and G are not independent. You conducted a small sub-experiment and discovered a high correlation between factors F and G.
33. Most of the modern computer programs can perform an analysis of experimental residuals. Which of the following techniques will NOT be employed?
34. If an experiment has an alias, you could say that the two factor effects are:
35. What types of variation does a process have if it is "in control"?
36. For 4 factors and 3 levels, the DOE setup has 32 runs. What type of experiment is being conducted?
37. Which of the following techniques used in DOE helps you in identifying pure error?
38. A combined calculation of repeatability and reproducibility using the average and range method produces a ratio of 7.42% of process tolerance. What can be stated about the 7.42% value?
39. In a single factor ANOVA, the assumption of homogeneity of variances applies to:
40. A perfect regression model with all points fitting the regression line has Sum Square of Errors ______
41. A QFD template allows the Six Sigma team to learn which of the following?
42. What are the six experiments called while performing one experiment with four repetitions?
43. If men having high Blood Sugar problems are diagnosed with Diabetes, with the mean blood sugar level to be at 120 and a standard deviation of 9, and any individual having greater than 100 Blood Sugar levels can be diagnosed with Diabetes, what is the probability of committing a Type II Error?
44. A Six Sigma Green Belt practitioner constructs a control chart to display a process mean and its outer limits. In such a chart, what does UCL stand for?
45. To optimize the response of a process, ideally what sequence of experimentation should one use?
46. Whichof the following terms describes the situation in which the effects of two factors are correlated while designing experiments?
47. What is the process capability for attribute data?
48. An organization finds that an extra measure of security added to online transactions did not reduce the incidence of identity theft. What is this concept of management referred to?
49. Which of the following statements are NOT true of control charts?
50. Rolled Throughput Yield best indicates:
51. For a full factorial experiment with 23 treatments and 0 replicate, how many runs could you expect?
52. What set of basic quality tools would be most applicable for a work team to use when there is a desire to follow procedures and work instructions more closely?
53. Hypothesis tests on enumerative statistics would NOT involve which of the following distributions?
54. One of the purposes of using a fishbone diagram is to:
55. Which of the following control charts would best fit a process in which measurement data on a product is easily obtained?
56. With which of the following distributions is the term "degrees of freedom" inapplicable?
57. What determines the factors that will receive major attention after constructing a rank order prioritization matrix?
58. Which of the following is an example of a Primary metric for Six Sigma projects?
59. What skills and experiences do project improvement team members normally have?
60. What type of variation is undesirable when trying to control a process?
61. An engineer is considering a fractional factorial instead of a full factorial to analyze a process because of the large number of variables under study. Apart from the possibility of studying a large number of factors with relatively few experiments, what other characteristic will support a decision to use a fractional factorial instead?
62. The difference between strategic quality goals and the strategic business plan is that:
63. Identify the post-improvement tool which would be most beneficial when generating fresh ideas after the results of an improvement process have been disappointing.
64. Which of the following errors is typically associated with the notion, "False negative"?
65. When the data has outliers, which of the measures of central tendency should be used?
66. What type of waste is "an accountant going to the first floor to pick up documents from printer"?
67. What is the best choice in the hands of a Six Sigma team to increase the power of the experiments?
68. Which hypothesis test is similar to the 1 sample t-test but is used when the data set is non-normal?
69. Which approach talks about equipment effectiveness?
70. What is the more appropriate definition of Non-Value-Add Activity?
71. Best metric for measuring defectives is:
72. If the Measure stage in a DMAIC approach is all about measuring the data for existing process, what is the main objective in the Measure phase in a DFSS approach?
73. All the factors that might contribute to a production problem must be discovered. Which among the following problem-solving tools might be the best choice?
74. One thousand units of a product were examined for the possibility of 5 different undesirable characteristics. A total of 80 defects were found. How many defects would be expected in a million opportunities?
75. On a highly automated food processing line, a quality professional wants to chart the weight of packages. The recommended control chart is an X-bar - S chart and not the typical X-bar - R chart, in wide use throughout the facility. Which of the following is the most logical reason for this switch?
76. Variable control chart subgroup sizes are generally 3, 4, 5, or 6 for all of the following reasons EXCEPT:
77. Which of the following measures of central tendency is prefered when the data does not have outliers?
78. Poke Yoke is a lean manufacturing concept that is used for what purpose?
79. Which of the following assumption is necessary to validate the meaning of the standard deviation of measurement variability?
80. For many people, changing a single tire can easily take 15 minutes. But, for a NASCAR pit crew, changing four tires takes less than 15 seconds. This represents good use of what tool?
81. In a study of probability, an event or outcome that cannot be broken down any further is referred to as:
82. As a Green Belt, what should a trainee do when he faces a problem during his projects?
83. Which of these distributions can be used to make inferences about population variances?
84. Which of the following is the LEAST likely tool to assist the problem definition stage of Six Sigma?
85. For a process working at 5 Sigma level, how many opportunities are considered to lie outside of the specification limits provided by the customer?
86. In a typical Measure Phase, which of the following activities should a Green Belt perform first?
87. In a typical MSA GAGE RR study conducted, what should the Six Sigma team determine about the Measurement System first?
88. Which of the following scenarios is best suited to use an X-bar and R chart?
89. If 6 consecutive samples were taken from a process and precisely measured, you can still expect differences. What type of variation would be the most difficult one to determine?
90. What is one basic assumption of a null hypothesis?
91. As an experienced experimenter, you have built a predictive model of an experimental data. The difference between the actual response data and the model data are termed as:
92. In the theory of control charts, the distribution of the number of defects per unit follows which of the following distributions?
93. What type of waste is "Purchasing and storing office supply, sales literature, etc."?
94. For a Six Sigma project done in the Operations department (LOB project), which of the following could be called a stakeholder to the project?
95. Which item should not be identified in the Define Phase?
96. Distribution that follows principles of an exponential distribution is:
97. While considering the stakeholder groups, which of the following terms is closely identified with the term 'community'?
98. Poka-yoke is best defined as:
99. Which of the following is NOT necessary for the Six Sigma team to update in the Project Charter in the Define Phase?
100. Which of the following distributions describes the ratios of two variances drawn from the same normal population?
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